• NDST is applied professionally in our maintenance/repair center
    Our department sustains its tests with six separate methods (PT, MT, ET, UT, TR, TT) on aircraft and on components with more than forty years of experience and experienced personnel.
  • What is Non-Destructive Testing and Why is it Necessary?
    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a type of inspection that is carried out without harming the integrity of the material or part to be tested.
  • We are Supplying Non-Destructive Testing Training at International Standards
    NSNDT was officially recognized with the publication of Civil Aviation Non-Destructive Testing Manual (CAI-NDT) published on 24.10.2011
  • Our Capabilities on a Type Basis in the Implementation And Training of NDT
    We are in the position of leading implementer as in many other areas, in the area of Non-Destructive Testing
  • NSNDT Project Lead is offering the training courses...
    Qualified to the sector in the five methods listed below, by our professional instructors who have provided services in nearly 30 different training courses since 2009 to the present day and conducting the qualification of more than 200 personnel.
  • Thermography Testing
    Is becoming more important every day in parallel to the development in composite technology